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When it comes to better personal finance, it’s no different. Anyone who dreams of achieving financial freedom or even becoming a millionaire needs, in addition to saving, investing and earning money, to study.

Therefore, in this article, we have created a list of some of the best books on better personal finance.

In all, these books on better personal finance contain at least the most basic notions of financial planning and management to teachings on how to invest and make your money work.


With these readings, you can broaden your view of financial education and change the way you view your personal finances for the better.

Rich Dad poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

With more than 9 million copies sold in Brazil and 30 million copies in 80 countries, Rich Dad Poor Dad has become a reference book when it comes to financial education.

In summary, Robert Kiyosaki brings in a simple way that rich people teach their children about money and perpetuating wealth.

Kiyosaki uses his own experience in the narrative, which seeks to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in people.

The American millionaire is the son of a civil servant who, despite being intelligent and honest, had never managed to achieve financial independence. He is the poor father.

In contrast, rich dad is represented by the writer’s best friend, a merchant who managed to build great wealth due to the way he handled money and who taught him all about finance.

Secrets of the Millionnaire Mind

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, By Harv T. Eker

What do people who have managed to become rich think? How does the thinking of people who have attained wealth differ from that of ordinary people?

American millionaire, Harv T. Eker shares some of his personal histories in The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and tells how everything took a new turn after replacing negative beliefs about money with positive ones.

The main idea of ​​this book is to show you how changing your mindset can help you achieve your financial goals and how to do that through 17 wealth files contained in the book.

Smart Couples get Rich Together - Better Personal Finances

Smart Couples Get Rich Together By Gustavo Cerbasi

Money is one of the main problems why couples fight and, for the writer, it is precisely the lack of conversation about this subject that causes most conflicts.

Thus, in Smart Couples Get Rich Together, Cerbasi brings different strategies to form an intelligent partnership in the management of family finances.

The book teaches you how to identify financial profiles, the result of combining the different profiles, how to plan finances together, and basics about investing and economics.

Some points covered are the benefits of long-term financial planning, relationship financial crises, pension and insurance plans, and how to deal with inheritance.

Big Dream by Cristiane Correa

This book tells the story of Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira, three Brazilians who revolutionized the Brazilian market and achieved worldwide prominence.

In the last 5 years, entrepreneurs have managed to buy Budweiser, Burger King and Heinz, major international brands.

In this sense, the book presents the management formula they developed, which is based on meritocracy, simplicity and an incessant search for cost reduction.

These lessons can be applied by anyone who wants to achieve greatness in the business world.

How to Organize Your Financial Life, By Gustavo Cerbasi

How to Organize Your Financial Life is one of the most comprehensive finance books on personal financial organization. In it, Gustavo Cerbasi teaches us all the details of efficient planning.

Namely, he also deals with matters like credit cards, financing, retirement, taxes, etc.

Atomic Habits Personal Finance Book

Atomic Habits By James Clear

This is a must-read if you are looking to change your habit and of course, your financial habits and develop better personal finances. Certainly, changing our habits for the better will make us make more efficient decisions on a daily basis. Therefore, according to the author, the key to success is to understand how habits work.

Therefore, this book is essential for us to transform our bad financial habits and create habits that bring us prosperity.

Better personal finance

The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason

With more than 2 million copies sold worldwide,The Richest Man in Babylon is a classic about multiplying wealth and working out monetary problems.

Grounded on the success secrets of the ancient Babylonians – the occupants of the richest and most prosperous city of their time -, George S. Clason shows results that are both wise and veritably current to avoid a lack of money; how not to waste resources during periods of abundance, seek knowledge and information rather than just profit, ensure an income for the future, maintain immediate payment of debts and, overall, cultivate their own aptitudes, getting more and more skilful and conscious.


In summary, finance books are some of the best sources of knowledge on better personal finances. The books mentioned in this article promise to give you all the knowledge you need to get far in the world of finance.

However, anyone who wants to have a healthier financial life needs a lot of studies, and investing in any of these works is a good option for that.

Therefore, in addition to theory, it is important to put into practice everything that has been learned. Aspects such as organization and financial planning, for example, should be applied daily in your life if you want to avoid financial problems.

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